A better desktop client for Pandora
with built-in proxy support

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Main Window Settings Window

Pandorian v2.9.6

Pandorian is a simple & elegant desktop client for Pandora, featuring ad-free listening, unlimited song skips, playback history, proxy support and a host of other features to make your Pandora listening experience stress-free and enjoyable...

Main Features:

  • No advertisements!
  • Unlimited song skips
  • Play back previous songs
  • Seek/ Change play position of current song (Click on song progress bar)
  • Proxy support for unsupported countries
  • Pre-fetching of upcoming song for instant playback
  • Export MP3 of currently playing song when streaming in 192k (press CTRL+D)
  • User configurable sytem-wide Hot-Keys (Right-click on album cover to access)
  • Like/ Dislike songs
  • Block a song for a month/ Tired of song
  • Gobal menu for quick actions and song info
  • Password protected Lock-Screen with album art and song info
  • Minimize to tray
  • Quick song info panel (Hover mouse pointer over tray icon)
  • BPM detection of current song
  • Sleep Timer (Right-click on album cover to access)
  • Volume normalizing with ReplayGain
  • Volume control with hotkeys & slider (Right-click on song progress bar to show)
  • Choose streaming audio quality
  • Supports Free Pandora accounts
  • Supports Pandora Plus accounts for higher audio quality & MP3 export
  • Highly optimized communication with Pandora servers
  • Built-in proxy enabled browser to manage stations using Pandora website
  • See what the app is doing behind the scenes (press CTRL+ALT+L)


  • MS Windows
  • MS .Net Framework 2.0
  • Proxy server account (only if your country is not supported)
  • Pandora account (either free or pandora plus)



If you need support or would like to send some feedback, please create a new issue here

Work In Progress


  • Enable user to disable song info buble

Release History


  • Window position is remembered across app restarts
  • Multi monitor window positioning support
  • Song and playback duration info can be toggled by clicking on album cover


  • Fixed file locking and app freezing issue related to cover images
  • Volume level is now persisted across app restarts
  • Other minor code improvements


  • Fixed album cover of last song flashing for a moment before loading a new cover image.
  • Moved pre-fetch trigger point to 70% of playing song.
  • New setting for disablling song pre-fetching for users with poor internet connectivity


  • Fetch new songs/playlist asynchronously around 80% mark of last song of playlist to enable instant playback of next song
  • Download next song's audio and album asynchronously at 80% mark of current song to enable instant playback of next song
  • Handle occasional inconsistencies of pandora playlist contents after reaching skip limit for a station
  • Replay current song if/when pandora throws "INSUFFICIENT_CONNECTIVITY" or "APPLICATION_ERROR" codes ocassionally


  • Fixed index out of bounds error after cache invalidation


  • Invalidate old cache files which may not be compatible with v2.9


  • Station playlists and history is now preserved across re-logins caused by session expiry
  • Better handling of album cover art
  • Better handling of expired song urls resulting in reduced fetching delays
  • Fixed a playlist history bug which tried to play expired songs
  • Prevent last song from replaying after a session expiration
  • Proper disposal of cache files to reduce disk space usage
  • Resume audio stream after closing station manager window
  • Hourglass no longer gets stuck with prolonged hotkey usage
  • Ability to cancel changes to hotkeys
  • Prevent assignment of same hotkey to multiple functions
  • Hotkey changes become effective immediately. No need to restart app
  • Misc. performance improvements


  • Fix: progress bar not showing up when exporting
  • Fix: handling of song cover art
  • Improvement: pre-fetching of next song's cover art
  • Misc: other minor fixes and code refactorings


  • New: ability to seek (change play position) of current song - click on song progress bar
  • New: setting to disable BPM counter
  • Fix: app hang due to cross-thread access of progress bars
  • Fix: delayed display of album cover when coming back from tray minimization
  • Improvement: better handling of net connectivity issues


  • New: streamlined installation and upgrade process
  • New: offline caching of album art for historical playback
  • Fix: unable to export previously played track
  • Fix: lock screen album art not updating ocassionally
  • Change: windows temp folder is now used for cache


  • New: skip back to previously played songs
  • New: change audio quality in settings without causing a re-login to pandora. Simply change quality and close the settings window without hitting apply.
  • New: offline caching of previous tracks now enable instant replay of tracks, faster app launches and station changes.
  • Improvements: major overhaul of internals to support historical playback


  • Settings are now retained across app updates and uninstalls
  • New settings for disabling QuickMix stations and Liked song indicators
  • Revambed settings window with new behavior
  • Apply an arbitrary value of -5.55 dB for trackings missing ReplayGain values.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


  • Added audio stream download progress indicator at bottom of window
  • Revamped MP3 export functionality due to new Pandora restrictions. For CTRL+D to export the currently playing song, you must now have a Pandora Plus subscription and select "High (192k)" quality in settings.
  • New hourglass graphic for loading/ waiting view
  • BASS updates and other performance improvements


  • Added 128k MP3 audio streaming support
  • QuickMix stations are now indicated by a ✪ next to station name
  • Better indication of liked/thumbed up songs. A ✔ is shown next to track title
  • Fixed built-in station manager/browser to support new pandora website
  • Better handling of system shutdowns
  • Misc. bugfixes and improvements


  • Pandora Plus support added (unlimited skips)
  • BASS binaries updated to latest
  • Several minor changes and fixes


  • Completely revamped tray icon song info panel
  • Minor code changes


  • Show song/station info on tray icon hover
  • Updated bass libraries to the latest
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Automatic BPM detection of playing song (click on album cover to display)
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor fixes and modifications
  • Added setup downloads for both 32bit and 64bit windows


  • Fixed sleep/wake issue (only applicable to machines with vmware vnet adapters)


  • Improved accuracy of volume normalizing
  • Use bass DSP instead of bass FX for volume management
  • Removed bass_fx.dll dependancy from project
  • Removed unused volume normalizing code


  • Increased level of logging
  • Improvements to song progress bar updating
  • Event based updating of lock-screen song info instead of timer based
  • Threaded/background downloading of album cover art
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements


  • Major overhaul of inner workings to optimize communication with pandora servers
  • Save/restore session and station playlists across app restarts & sleep/wake cycles
  • New graphic buttons
  • See what the app is doing behind the scene by pressing CTRL+ALT+L
  • Various minor bug fixes & performance improvements


  • Better handling of expired song URLs with prolonged use
  • Other minor code changes


  • Reduced calls to Pandora API by 50%
  • Song loading speed increased
  • Fixed lock-screen info not updating sometimes
  • Fixed issue with volume hotkeys


  • Upgraded bass binaries to latest
  • Volume control with hotkeys & slider (click on song progress bar to show slider)
  • Minor code changes


  • Restore last song if needed after an app restart to help with skip limits
  • Fix mouse pointer not showing after resume from sleep
  • Show current date & time on lock-screen
  • Save skip history before sleeping in case power is lost during sleep


  • Hide mouse pointer on lock-screen by default
  • Show mouse pointer on lock-screen when global menu is visible
  • Various internal improvements to lock-screen
  • Store lock-screen password as a one-way encrypted string
  • Warn user when trying to lock the screen with a blank password


  • Password proteced lock-screen with album art and song info
  • Use ping instead of webclient to check net connectivity
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Better handling of 42sec blank audio for free a/c holders
  • Inform free users about excessive skipping punishment


  • Better handling to avoid song duplication
  • Fix fb share screen nagging if chosen no
  • Fix error when trying to dislike/block a song when skip limit is reached
  • User configurable hotkeys


  • Secure storage of passwords
  • Improvements to settings window behavior

Note: uninstall, then reinstall to clear out old settings if problems occur


  • Show/hide global menu by pressing: ALT+M
  • Display station/song/artist seperately in global menu
  • Enable/disable tray menu items appropriately


  • Add a confirmation dialog to sleep on demand function
  • Click to copy song info to clipboard in tray icon menu
  • Fix bug causing error when skipping songs with hotkey


  • Fix issue with minimize to tray


  • Right-click tray icon menu for main functions
  • Better error handling
  • Enabled reporting of errors
  • Enabled station change after an error


  • Minimize to tray
  • Sleep/wake enhancements
  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Better error handling
  • Auto re-login to pandora when session expires
  • Fix missing ampersand from text labels


  • Automatic update checking on startup


  • Fixed all sleep/wake issues


  • Show stream bitrate instead of high/low in settings
  • Made station selector and buttons a bit more touch friendly
  • Added a sleep timer function
  • Added global hotkey to put system to sleep (ALT+ESC)
  • Proper handling of system sleep event by external sources
  • User interface modifications


  • Enable listening without using a proxy
  • Don't count a skip if the current song has been in a paused state and song duration has elapsed.


  • Enforce total skips per day for free users to 24 to prevent 40sec blank audio.


  • Prevent app from crashing after pandora sending blank audio tracks.


  • Added system-wide hotkeys for main functions
    • Play/Pause Current Song: ALT + SPACE
    • Like Current Song: ALT + L
    • Dislike Current Song: ALT + D
    • Skip Current Song: ALT + S
    • Block Current Song: ALT + B
    • Show/Hide Pandorian: ALT + P


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Added support for Pandora One accounts


  • Added two new items to the right click menu
    • Check for an update
    • Show current version


  • Reduced calls to pandora by implementing a playlist per station


  • Remember song skips across app restarts


  • Right click on album cover to:
    • Manage Station
    • Show Settings


  • Engine converted to vb
  • Swapped out blowfish procedures
  • Moved dll locations
  • Better handling of missing album cover art
  • General bug fixes and code clean up


  • Select streaming audio quality


  • Several major bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Initial release